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12 tracks including: Waves, Cameron, Disengage and If Not Today
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A collection of handcrafted lyrics, astounding melodies, and emotive musicianship that makes you feel something visceral. Manifestations was written and produced between 2018 and 2020, rekindling AJ's love of performing after nearly eight years away from the stage. He explains: "...these tunes poured out of me and I found myself wanting to connect with live audiences by playing them, something that hadn't taken place in a long while."

The album was produced by AJ with a very organic approach, featuring Jeremy Cunningham on Drums, Scott Pazera on Bass, engineering and mixing by Doug McBride (Gravity Studios) and Mastered by Oli Morgan at Abbey Road Studios. From the angular rock tones of "Summoner", to the lush string arrangements of "On The Cusp", to the heartfelt earnestness of "Waves" this album is an aural journey that you'll want to repeat.  aj logo

aj rosales
guitarist, composer, producer

AJ has released his fifth album entitled Manifestations. This collection of songs was over two years in the making and his live performances of the songs have been eliciting enthusiasm from a diverse fanbase. His previous releases: Ultramarine, Resistor, the Earth and Shoal EP, and Daughter Product (Fatigue) have garnered college and mainstream radio airplay and have impressed critics, leading to performances across the US and in his hometown of Chicago.

AJ's style is not easy to classify, perhaps "progressive acoustic" is the best term - his influences reflect the rhythmic approach of Pete Townshend, the emotive delivery of Cat Stevens, the experimental explorations of Robert Fripp, the expressiveness of Bob Mould, and even the soulfulness of Nick Drake. Ultimately, he delivers his own unique hybrid sound, blending multiple genres into a cohesive and modern sensibility that sounds like "AJ".  aj logo

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News / Press / Bookings

"he serves up a barrage of riffs and hooks that will frustrate less talented players who can't keep up" - here comes the flood weblog

"(his) confidence and style make a bold and lasting statement. And when he nails it, he hits it out of the ballpark." - selective memory magazine

"it is still something special when you hear someone who simply has that indefinable 'it' factor" -

Manifestations available on Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp! Video for "If Not Today" available on YouTube! Big thanks to all the radio stations that have played tracks off the album and to the publications that have written about it!


Friday 5.5.23: Secret Show [Sofar Sounds, IL] 6PM Click here for full information

Sunday 4.2.23: Copper Fiddle Distillery [Lake Zurich, IL] 6PM Click here for full information
Wednesday 2.22.23: Gallery Cabaret [Chicago, IL] 10PM Click here for full information

Sunday 2.12.23: Elmhurst Brewing Co. [Elmhurst, IL] 8PM Click here for full information

Sunday 1.8.23: Copper Fiddle Distillery [Lake Zurich, IL] 5PM Click here for full information
Friday 12.30.22: Montrose Saloon [Chicago, IL] 8PM Click here for full information

Wednesday 11.16.22: Montrose Saloon [Chicago, IL] 8PM Click here for full information
Saturday 11.12.22: Music With A Mission Benefit Concert [Palatine, IL] 7PM Click here for full information
Sunday 9.18.22: Copper Fiddle Distillery [Lake Zurich, IL] 5PM Click here for full information
Friday 9.23.22: The Store [Chicago, IL] 8PM Click here for full information


3.12.23: AJ Entered NPR's Tiny Desk Contest this year! To hear the Entry Listen now on YouTube!
1.2.23: AJ Reaches top 1% of ”rising creators” designation on Facebook! Thank You to all those appreciating the recent video and photo posts.
12.29.22: Hear the 4th installment of the webseries "Live at Home", featuring yet another new song called "Exile"! Listen now on YouTube!
11.2.22: Hear the 3rd installment of the webseries "Live at Home", featuring another new song called "Spinning Around"! Listen now on YouTube!
9.12.22: Hear the 2nd installment of the webseries "Live at Home", featuring a rendition of "Tear It Apart" from Manifestations! Listen now on YouTube!
6.10.22: Hear the launch of the new webseries "Live at Home", featuring a brand-new unreleased tune called "Dinosaur"! Listen now on YouTube!
4.1.22: Hit the pause button - I will be back later with some new developments!
3.14.22: AJ entered the NPR Tiny Desk Contest for the 5th year in a row! Visit the Youtube Channel to hear it.
3.3.22: AJ featured on the Reverbnation front page for "Heaven".
2.09.22: "Waves" has now surpassed "Cameron" as the most played tune off 'Manifestations'. Thanks for the Spotify hits!
1.1.22: One Year anniversary of the release of Manifestations! Thank you for listening, it's been a gratifying series of months. Listen now on Spotify!
11.5.21: A year ago the first teaser for "Manifestations" was released - which was "If Not Today". The video was directed by Nacho Bru.
10.13.21: AJ featured on the Reverbnation front page for "Waves".
10.5.21: Thank you France! (Merci La France!) As of this month Manifestations has reached over 1,000 spins on independent radio stations globally and continues to branch out it's listenership in several countries, including the UK and Belgium.
9.15.21: "Cameron" has become a sleeper hit off the album, generating the most Spotify hits!
8.11.21: Thank you to the Extraordinarium in Chicago for having me live on Streamsation and on the Flabby Hoffman Show!
7.7.21: AJ to be featured Live on 93.1FM in Akron on "Studio Z". July 8, 2021 @ 2PM CST. Click here for more details.
6.22.21: AJ's song 'Waves' featured in the June issue of Relix Magazine's CD sampler and spotify playlists! listen here!
6.9.21: AAA Radio Campaign has begun! "If Not Today" is the first single released to the radio format.
6.8.21: Manifestations gets a spin on the Local Music Show with Erik Hanson!
6.5.21: "If Not Today","Disengage", and "Peak Nothing" have now received over 425 international spins on independent radio!
6.4.21: Abbey Road Studios publishes Q+A Video "Stereo Mastering vs Stem Mastering - What's the Difference?" featuring several tunes from Manifestations! watch it here!
5.23.21: AJ was interviewed by Brick Briscoe for "The Song Show". Listen here.
5.8.21: The 'If Not Today' video has now received over 250k views on Facebook!
4.14.21: Chicago Music Guide Interview on YouTube! See the interview here.
4.13.21: Interview with Brick Briscoe (NPR, PBS) coming soon!
4.3.21: Live versions of Summoner and If Not Today published on Chicago Music Guide!
4.3.21: Chicago Music Guide photoshoot! See the photos here.
3.15.21: Pop in the Real World UK reviews Manifestations! Read the review here.
3.7.21: The Strange Brew UK reviews Manifestations! Read the review here.
3.01.21: Selective Memory Magazine reviews 'Manifestations'. Major thumbs up! Read the review here.
3.01.21: Monies New Music in the UK plays "If Not Today"!
2.27.21: "On The Cusp" receives multiple spins in Canada on Adventures in Plasticland with Stan Hilborn" on CKWR!
2.27.21: "If Not Today" received a spin in the UK on Sescot Radio!
2.03.21: A spin for "Solero" on The Music Authority!
2.01.21: Manifestations is at #7 on Chirp Radio This week!
1.28.21: A spin for "Peak Nothing" on The Music Authority!
1.27.21: Theft Liable To Prosecution reviews Manifestations! Click here to Read
1.23.21: We have reached 100 spins on international stations for "If Not Today"! And 25 for "Disengage" Thanks to all the stations playing the single!
1.20.21: "Summoner" review on Independent Clauses weblog!
1.20.21: "Disengage" and "Tear It Apart" featured on The Music Authority podcast!
1.19.21: Chirp Radio adds "Manifestations" to it's rotation! Chirp Radio
1.17.21: "Disengage" featured on Demo312 with James Van Osdol on Q101 in Chicago! WKQX Q101.1 Chicago
1.10.21: AJ was live on-air with Bill Turck and Terri Kendall on WGCO radio Chicago! WGCO 1590AM / 95.9 FM
1.9.21: AJ was live on-air at Mulligan's Virtual Bar on Facebook for the Benefit Concert for Croatia! Facebook Link
1.6.21: "Manifestations" featured on the Deli Magazine!
1.4.21: "Manifestations" in rotation on Vinyl Voyage Radio!
1.1.21: "Disengage" single review on Here Comes The Flood weblog
1.1.21: Manifestations livestream listening party today! - Happy New Year! 4PM CST on YouTube:
12.31.20: "Disengage" - single premiere on Rock at Night
12.24.20: Manifestations listening party on YouTube announced for New Year's Day! Tune in at 4PM CST at the following URL!
12.19.20: Manifestations release date is now January 1, 2021. Preorder on Bandcamp Now!
12.18.20: Manifestations is finished with Mastering at Abbey Road Studios!
12.15.20: "If Not Today" featured on popular podcast "Best Radio You Never Heard." Check it out!
11.23.20: "If Not Today" Featured on's 'Singled Out' Column. 11.15.20: "If Not Today" - spins on the Razor and Die Show (WLUW 88.7) and Playtime with Bill and Terri (WGCO AM 1590)
11.13.20: "If Not Today" - spins are happening Internationally in the UK, France, Germany, Ireland, and Canada!
11.10.20: "If Not Today" - featured on Shouts Music Blog, Beehive Candy, Stephs in the City, Brokenhearted Toy and Power Popaholic!
10.30.20: "If Not Today" - spins on Chirp Radio, WZRD Chicago (Meagan Panici) and Power Pop Shoppe (WNUR 89.3)
10.24.20: "If Not Today" - featured as "Fresh Track" on and Gozamos
10.23.20: "If Not Today" - video premiere on Rock at Night
10.16.20: "If Not Today" - single premiere on The Deli - Chicago

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manifestations cover


Ecopak CD + 320 kbps MP3 Digital Download

Features the Singles "If Not Today" and "Disengage". 6-panel CD / Ecopak - matte finish with custom artwork and album credits. Includes 320 Kbps MP3 Digital Download.

Summoner, Anthym, Disengage, Waves, Tear It Apart, Heaven, Peak Nothing, Solero, Cameron, If Not Today, On The Cusp, Snowflakes

"...beautiful melodies with highly engaging lyrics." - The Deli Chicago

" rhythms, Laurel Canyon wistfulness, and an overall upbeat vibe." - Independent Clauses

"...Rosales’s confidence and style make a bold and lasting statement." - Selective Memory Mag
Release Date: Jan 1, 2021
Format: CD Album
Label: Novel-T Records

ultramarine cover


Digipak CD

Features the Singles "Sneak Attack" and "Ultramarine". 6-panel CD / Digipak - matte finish with custom artwork, printed insert and lyrics.

Alone Again, Nominate, Ultramarine, What's With All The Heartache?, 3:15, So Sad, Letter To You, Brand New Offering, Breakdown, Telekinetic, Breakdown (Reprise), White Sunshine, Sneak Attack

resistor cover


Digipak CD

Features the Singles "Union" and "Wade". 4-panel CD / Digipak - matte finish with custom artwork and album credits.

Prophecy, Union, Rare, Right Out of Line, Interlude, Resistor, Disturbance Around Me, Transistor, Down To The Wire, Machine No. 2, Wade

earth and shoal cover

Earth and Shoal

Jewel Case CD

Features the Single "Sweetest Thing". CD / Jewel Case - 6-panel matte finish printed insert with custom artwork and lyrics.

Sweetest Thing, Turn Away, Angry, Earth And Shoal, Step Down To You

daughter product fatigue cover

Earth and Shoal

Jewel Case CD

AJ's first experiment - Features the Single "Flowerbed". CD / Jewel Case - 4-panel matte finish insert with custom artwork and album credits.

Adobe, Flowerbed, Come Between, Safely Erased Again, Every Day, Monticello's Chest, Cold Color, Tearing Through, Machine No. 1, Untitled

full collection cover

AJ Rosales Full Discography

5 CD Collection

Buy all of AJ Rosales's Releases in Digital Format on Bandcamp for a lower price - $26.65 for the Full Catalog! (35% discount)

Includes Manifestations, Ultramarine, Resistor, Earth and Shoal, and Daughter Product (Fatigue)

Click "Full Digital Discography" on the Bandcamp page.